Flat Circles Bracelet Sterling silver 925

Flat Circles Bracelet Sterling silver 925

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Rings Size Guide:
All of the rings are measured in US ring size.
If you do not know your ring size, just take a ring that you love and measure the inside diameter.
Use the following chart to determine your ring size.

US size: Inside diameter in mm. (Inside diameter in '')
· US 6: 16.5 mm (0.65'')
· US 7: 17.3 mm (0.68'')
· US 8: 18.1 mm (0.71'')
· US 9: 19.0 mm (0.75'')
Rings Size Guide for Women:


Bracelets Size Guide:

Bracelets-size guide for women:
Measure your wrist with a tape measure in inches/centimeters
♦ Small: 5.5-6.0'' / 14.0-15.2cm
♦ Medium: 6.0-6.5'' / 15.2-16.5cm
♦ Large: 6.5-7.0'' / 16.5-17.8cm


Wrist Measurement in Inches

Wrist Measurement in Centimeters


5.5 - 6.0

14.0 - 15.2


6.0 - 6.5

15.2 - 16.5


6.5 - 7.0

16.5 - 17.8



Necklaces Size Chart:


In order to keep your jewelry in great shape and long-lasting, please avoid direct contact with water, perfumes, and other chemicals. We also recommend to take off your jewelry when taking a shower/washing hands or getting in the pool/sea.

How to clean silver jewels? (Not gold plated)
Silver oxidize naturally with time and with contact to the skin. This is a beautiful and natural look of the metals, but it's possible with a bit of cleaning once in a while to maintain the new, shining, bright look of the metal. Use a bit of lemon or vinegar to soak the jewel, and a soft cloth to rub the jewel until it shines again.

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Nickel free 925 Sterling Silver (Certified Quality)

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