The mission

Modern Elegant Timeless Essentials That Enhance Your Beauty

Est. in 2011 by a bundle of designers, fashion dreamers, and decisive visioners for delicate and dainty jewelry. Creating clean, elegant, and effortless designs that will become your daily favorites, essentials, and necessary accessories.

TZUFA makes pieces that elevate your beauty. Accentuating your freckles. your curves, your dimples, and pearls.
We don't just sell women's jewelry online. We deliver peace, grace, and little pops of gratitude that will elongate the process of self-care.

It will make you listen more, decide more, be more, see more.

With foundations in


Expert design, shape, and mindful movement. The exquisite nature of each piece was crafted to be dynamically unique and smart. With carefully curated long-time wear that will age with you through every season.

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