47 Everyday Jewelry Pieces to Buy When You're Bored

Shopping when bored is a pastime that we're plenty familiar with, undoubtedly leading to many great purchases. Is it just us, or are some of the best purchases ever made when you're not actually looking for anything in particular? This is why we recently presented you with 42 amazing pairs of affordable shoes and 57 regret-free things to buy when you're bored. This time, we're focusing on jewelry. We searched through the stock of some of our favorite jewelry brands and designers and chose 47 everyday jewelry pieces to invest in when you're bored.

When a piece of jewelry is versatile enough to feasibly wear every single day, making an investment on it is perfectly justified, so keep that in mind as you scroll. And sure, sometimes you just want a cheap thrill, so we included those in the below roundup as well. Whatever your mission, there are a whopping 47 beautiful everyday jewelry pieces to shop below, from earrings to anklets, so say goodbye to your boredom and give it a scroll.