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Hi, my name is Tzuf, and as long as I can remember myself I always wanted to be a Chef and open my own place, where people can come dine and have the perfect culinary experience :)

So I studied and became a Chef, BUT, then I needed money to open my place, and so, at the age of sixteen I started making Jewelry, to sell and earn money.

 והגענו למסקנה אחת, שהיא צורך בקו נקי ואלגנטי עם נגיעות אופנתיות שיתאימו לשימוש יומיומי עם אופציה ליציאות חברתיות

Hence I fell in love with making Jewelry...

I studied craftsmanship and jewelry design from professional goldsmiths, In private workshops and toured the world to gain more and more knowledge and inspiration during the years past.

My company was established in 2011 out of a desire for fashion and creation.

I have been looking to create a clean, elegant line with stylish touches, for everyday wear.

Hope you'll love my designs, Enjoy,

לצפייה במוצרים

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